Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving

Q. “Is it safe to give online?”
A. Yes. Protecting your private information is our priority.  All transactions are processed through  See our Privacy Policy link for further explanation.

Q. “Are there any fees involved with giving online?”
A. No. You will not pay any fees with an online gift.  We do offer a box to check mark that allows you to donate an extra 50¢ to offset the cost of electronic giving, if you so choose.

Q. “What cards are accepted?”
A. Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. We also accept ACH payments.

Q. “Can I set up my online giving to be taken out automatically?”
A. Yes, you have the option to give weekly bi-weekly or monthly.

Q. “Can I designate my gift?”
A. Yes. Categories for the General, Mission, and Building Funds are already provided.  You may also enter your own specific category to designate to a specific ministry.

Q. “Will my gifts be included on my annual contribution statement?”
A. Yes. Contributions made online are handled in the same manner as donations made in person for contribution statement purposes.

Q. “Who do I contact if I have any technical issues with payments or any other questions?”
A. Please contact our Business Administrator, Eric Hughlett at 913-498-8444