Music Ministry

Music is an important part of our worship. Through the avenues of vocal music, instrumental music, and drama, we strive to use our talents to worship, praise and glorify our Lord. Children and adults alike participate in our Music Ministry with enthusiasm, love, and a sincere desire to reach others with the gospel through music. We are continually building and developing our Music Ministry as the Lord leads us to do so. Currently, we have a extensive vocal program here at OPBT and we are now ready to expand into the instrumental facet of the ministry. This is truly an exciting time for us! If God has equipped you with talent that you want to develop and use for the glory of God, then the OPBT Music Ministry is for you! The following offerings in Music Ministry are now in place.

Children's Music

We have a complete children’s music program which is offered to our children from ages three through the eighth grade. These children’s choirs are divided in age groups and we are so happy to allow our children to participate in our services throughout the year. During family worship night on Sunday evening, the children are highlighted and encouraged to get involved. We have, not only children’s choirs and vocal groups, but we also train our children in bells, recorders, and drama. Our children are anxious participants in all of their programs and musicals.

Adult Music Ministry

A full music venue is also offered for our adults and students. Our adult choir, which also includes our students, sings every Sunday in both morning and evening services. Throughout the year, our choir presents special presentations such as patriotic, Easter, missions, and other musical venues. Each Christmas our Music Ministry presents an excellent Christmas musical as our gift to the community. From choirs, solos, and vocal groups, the musicians at Overland Park Baptist Temple are always busy preparing their musical offerings to God.

Orchestra & Band

In addition to our piano players, we have launched a new instrumental ministry for which we are extremely excited! As God sends us proficient players, we will keep adding to our instrumental ministry with the hopes of developing and building a great orchestra for service to the King.