2018-10-07 Sunday Morning Service

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Charity is unselfish, expecting nothing in return.

Types of Love Mentioned in the Bible

  • Agape – unselfish, loyal, benevolent concern.
    • Agape love is based on action. It is a command and does not depend on “feelings.” This form of love is referred to 320 times in the New Testamnt.
  • Eros – romantic, sexual love.
  • Phileo – tender affection, brotherly love
    • This type of love is referred to 415 times in the New Testament and mostly in negative terms. It’s more passive than agape.

How do I know that I am really loving with agape love?

First you must know how the Bible defines real love.

  • Love suffers long.
  • True love is patient. How patient are you with church members who are not like you?
  • Love is kind.
  • How do you treat others?
  • Love rejoices in truth.
  • What you believe affects your eternal soul. Seek honesty.
  • Love bears and endures all things.

Next you must know what real love is NOT!

  • Love is not envious.
  • Love vaunteth not itself (no bragging).
  • Love is not puffed up or proud.
  • Love does not behave unseemly (rude, disrespectful)
  • Love seeks not her own (not selfish)
  • Love is not easily provoked.
  • Love thinks no evil (or hold grudges)
  • Love does not rejoice in evil.

Scripture Verses

1 Corinthians 13:13