Truth vs. Tradition

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Divine truth is more important than anything else.

Do you get right with God by following the truth of Jesus or the tradition of the Jewish leaders?

  • Jesus is the manifestation of truth.  He always spoke the truth, which irritated the Jewish leaders.
  • Jesus is the great interpreter of God’s will, God’s law and God’s word.
  • Jesus seemed to be attacking the core of the Jewish religious practices.
  • The conflicts between Jesus and the Jewish leaders in the first 11 chapters of Luke centered mainly on the Sabbath.

Was it unlawful for the disciples to pick corn and eat it on the Sabbath?

The priests objected to the disciples picking corn on the Sabbath.

  • According to the law, a man was allowed to pick corn from a field – Deut 23:25.
  • The law says keep the Sabbath holy and do no work on the Sabbath – Ex 20:8-10.  The priests created 24 chapters of all sorts of rituals and rules to define what is and is not work.

Jesus reminded the priests what was written in the Old Testament Scripture

  • The Tabernacle shewbread was for the priests alone to eat – Lev 24:5-9.
  • However, when David and his men were on the run and hungry, Ahimelech the priest gave them the shewbread to eat – 1 Sam 21:4-6.  Mercy and compassion are more important than ceremony.  A man’s life is far more important than ritual.

Jesus also stated that the Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath.

  • Son of man is a messianic title and Jesus’ favorite title for himself.  In Dan 7:13, Daniel saw a vision of the Son of man coming in the clouds.
  • The Sabbath is not about conforming to a list of impossible rules.  According to Mark 2:27, “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath.”
  • In Matt 23:4, Jesus declares that the Jewish traditions were heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, yet the priests did not help alleviate the burdens.

What brought about the conflict that ended the life of Christ?

  • Jesus spoke truth and people who were in error and held tightly to that error didn’t want to hear the truth.  They wanted to silence the one who spoke the truth.
  • Jesus violated the Sabbath rules and rituals.
  • Jesus called Himself the Son of man.

How does this apply to us today?

  • Is your belief system based on a relationship with God or religion?
  • Is your belief system based on tradition or truth?
  • Don’t let our traditions become our law, how we become accepted before God.
  • Are you willing to take a stand for biblical truth?  Are you living what the Bible says, what God intended through the message?

Scripture Verses

Luke 6:1-5