The Untouchables

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Commit to being an intentional witness.

What are Untouchables?

  • Jesus healed the leper by touch
  • Leprosy is symbolic of sin
  • The Importance of One – Christ is concerned about that one leper, that one sinner
  • Who are the untouchables in your life?

How to become an intentional witness

  • Go and Tell – 2 Corinthians 3:2-3
  • Recognize and repent of excuses

Top 10 excuses to avoid witnessing

  1. Spiritual lethargy
  2. Growing inclusiveness
  3. Disbelief in Hell
  4. Busy-ness
  5. Fear of rejection
  6. Desire to be tolerant
  7. Lost the habit of witnessing
  8. Lack of Accountability
  9. Failure to invite
  10. Church not intent on reaching the lost

Ask yourself:

  • Will I be intentional?
  • Will I be accountable?
  • Will I be a disciple maker?

Scripture Verses

Luke 5:12-16