It Only Takes A Spark

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It only takes one spark to start something and change the world.

The Philistines

  • Oppressing Israel for decades
  • Garrisons already in Israel
  • Retaliating against any assault
  • Army pitched in Michmash
  • 30,000 chariots, 6,000 horsemen
  • People numerous as the sand on the seashore
  • Spoilers going out to destroy

The Israelites

  • Besieged and in trouble
  • Ongoing distress
  • Some hiding in caves and pits
  • Some avoiding the conflict entirely
  • Some joining the Philistines
  • All are afraid
  • Poor leadership
  • Outnumbered
  • Outgunned
  • Desertion

Jonathan is the spark

  • 1 Samuel 14
  • Jonathan wanted to do something
  • Jonathan believed that God wanted to and could do something
  • Jonathan asked God to use him to do something
  • Jonathan stepped up and let God use him to do something
  • Jonathan inspired others to do something

How does it apply to us today?

  • The Philistines are the world today, oppressing Christians
  • They are in the heart of Christian territory
  • Christians are hiding, running away and joining the enemy
  • Jonathan was the spark then.  Who is the spark today?
  • Do you want to do something?
  • Do you believe God wants to and can do something?
  • Are you willing to ask God to use you to do something?
  • Will you step up and let God use you to do something?
  • You can inspire others to do something
  • Will you be the spark?

Scripture Verses

1 Samuel 13 – 14