Marvel Hero Super Faith

Sunday Evening Service

Jun 18

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Do you think you can do something for God so amazing that God would look down from heaven and marvel at what you accomplished?

Who is marvelous?

  • In the Old Testament, God is referred to as marvelous
  • People marveled at Jesus in the New Testament

What caused Christ to marvel?

  • Lack of faith
    • Mark 6:4-6
    • Lack of faith limits what God can do
  • Great faith
    • Luke 7:1-10

The Centurion Soldier

  • His great love of his servant and his nation
  • His great generosity
  • His great humility
  • His great faith

How does this apply to us?

  • How would you measure your faith?
  • Is your faith continuing to grow?
  • How do you think God would measure your faith?
  • How do you grow your faith?
    • Romans 10:17
  • Who is worthy to enter into the presence of God?
    • The humble and the penitent

Scripture Verses

Luke 7:1-10