Let’s Have Children!

Sunday Morning Service

Jun 24

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There is only one perfect parent: God

Bad Choices and Guilt

  • Parents may feel guilty over their children's choices
  • Genesis 4:1-10
  • Judgment lies on Cain, not his parents
  • People don't always want to accept personal responsibility
  • There are no perfect parents or children
  • God wants us to confess our sins, get rid of them and move forward

Oughts and Debts

  • Matthew 18:23-35
  • Matthew 6:12
  • Two reasons why we may have inner tormentors
    • Failure to understand, receive and live out God's unconditional grace and forgiveness
    • Failure to give unconditional love, grace and forgiveness to others
  • Learn to forgive yourself.
  • If we fail to accept forgiveness, we are unlikely to forgive others

3 Tests

  • Resentment test - is there someone you haven't let off the hook?
  • Responsibility test - is there some situation where you haven't accepted your personal responsibility?
  • Reminder and Reaction test - do you react negatively to others because they remind you of someone who hurt you in the past?

Scriptural Way to Deal with Debts

  • Are you living in a debt-free community of Christians? family? marriage?
  • We love, forgive and accept each other because we are loved, forgiven and accepted by God
  • Romans 13:18
  • Matthew 10:8
  • Trust and accept God's forgiveness

Scripture Verses

Genesis 4:1-10