Your Attitude Towards the Beatitudes – Lesson 2

Wed Evening Service

Jun 24

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If you are not hungry for God, then you are full of yourself.


  • Meek - Greek word "protace"
  • Used to refer to a wild stallion that has been tamed
  • Meek = strength under control
  • 1 Peter 5:6

Seven Benefits of Being "Meek"

  • Meekness defuses conflict
  • Meekness disarms critics
  • Meekness is persuasive
  • Meekness is attractive
  • Meekness earns respect
  • Meekness is a witness to unbelievers
  • Meekness makes me like Jesus

How to Stay Hungry for Righteousness

  • Remind yourself how much God loves you
  • Stop filling up on spiritual junk food
  • Make knowing God your #1 goal
  • Get into God's Word every day
  • Get with others who crave God's Word

Scripture Verses

Matthew 5:5-6