Your Attitude Towards the Beatitudes – Lesson 3

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Grace is getting what we don’t deserve.Mercy is not getting what we do deserve.


  • We need to be merciful because God showed mercy to us
  • God commands us to be merciful
  • We’re going to need mercy in the future
  • Showing mercy brings happiness

How can we practice being “merciful”?

  • Be patient with people’s quirks
  • Help anyone hurting around us
  • Give people a second chance
  • Do good to those who hurt us
  • Be kind to those who offend us
  • Build bridges of love to the unpopular
  • Value relationships over rules

Benefits of a pure heart

  • Confidence
  • Lasting legacy
  • Rewards in Heaven

How do we become a person of integrity?

  • Keep promises – verbal integrity
  • Refuse to gossip – relational integrity
  • Do your best at work – vocational integrity
  • Be real with others

Scripture Verses

Matthew 5:7-8