The Journey Home

Sunday Morning Service

Aug 12

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Once you accept Jesus, you are on the pilgrimage home to heaven.

The Journey Home

  • "Journey" in the Bible has also been described as a pilgrimage, a race, and a battle
  • Isaiah 40 is an encouragement and guarantee that God is going to bring us safely home
  • Theme of the chapter in verse 9: Behold your God

Consider God

  • Isaiah 40 is like a resume of God, listing His credentials and attributes
  • God is our comforter (verse 1)
  • Glory of the Lord (verse 5)
  • God guides us (verse 8)
  • God is our Shepherd (verse 11)
  • God is omniscient (verse 14), omnipotent (verse 12), omnipresent (verse 15)
  • God is Creator (verses 22, 26, 28) and Judge (verse 27)
  • God is Everlasting (verse 28)

Comfort for His people

  • Verse 2: Comfort because warfare is ended and iniquity is pardoned
  • Verses 4-5: Comfort because the Messiah is coming
  • Revelation 1:4, 7

Scripture Verses

Isaiah 40