Our Redeemer

Sunday Morning Service

Sep 02

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To be our redeemer, God must become one of us.

Our Redeemer

  • A Description of God
  • Our importance to God
  • His purchase, His promise, His presence, His preservation, His protection, His provision, His power, His plan, His purpose

Our Purchase

  • Easton's Bible Dictionary - "The purchase back of something that has been lost, by payment of a ransom"
  • Holman's Bible Dictionary
    • "redeem" - to pay the required price to secure the release of a convicted criminal
    • "redemption" - the process therein involved
    • "Redeemer" - the person making the payment
  • The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - "to buy back something which must be delivered or rescued


  • "padah" - used only in relation to redemption of persons
  • "kipper" - atonement covering
  • "ga'al" - a redemption in price in family members involving the responsibility of next of kin - "Kinsman Redeemer"
  • Isaiah 49:26
  • 1 Peter 1:18-20

Kinsman Redeemer

  • "fear not"
  • "thou art mine"
  • "I have redeemed thee"
  • That all nations might be redeemed
  • That we might be witnesses
  • What have you given back?

Scripture Verses

Isaiah 43:1-28