Between Heaven and Earth

Sunday Morning Service

Oct 04

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Live for your King until you see your King.


  • Different places of citizenship have different customs and rules
  • "Conversation" - 
    • Greek "politeuomai" - meaning "behave as a citizen"
    • How one should live based on the country of which one is a citizen
  • We are in this world, not of this world

Live as a citizen of Christ's kingdom

  • If you live a life in accordance with God, your life will have a far-reaching impact for the Gospel - verse 27
  • If you live a life appropriate for Heaven, it's going to reveal the truth - verse 28
  • Suffering for Christ is a privilege, a gift - verses 29-30
    • Persecution is normal, to be expected
    • Philippians 3:10


  • You can't suffer for Christ if you are not living for Him
  • You can't live for God until you've first been saved
  • Live a life that's becoming of a heavenly citizen

Scripture Verses

Philippians 1:22-30