Are You Listening?

Scripture Verses

1 Samuel 3:1-21


When our hearts are out of tune with the Lord, our spiritual ears are plugged.  We cannot recognize God’s voice.

God’s Silence

  • Verses 1-3

Samuel’s Call

  • Verses 4-14
  • The nation of Israel was in a time of spiritual darkness
    • The priesthood was corrupt
    • Everyone did what was right in their own eyes
    • There was no word from God
  • It was during this time of spiritual chaos that God called Samuel

God Calls Again

  • Verse 6
  • And again in verses 8-9

Third Time’s a Charm

  • Verse 10
  • This was the key turning point in Samuel’s life

God’s Message to Samuel

  • Verses 11-14

A Prophet Authenticated by God

  • Verses 15-18

The Silence is Broken

  • Verses 19-21

Conclusion & Application

  • God desires to speak to us
  • We don’t always hear very well
  • God speaks to us primarily through His Word
  • God is patient with us like He was with Samuel … HE WILL KEEP COMING BACK!