Fathers and Sons

Scripture Verse

2 Kings 21:1-9


The religious practice of fathers above all determines the future attendance of young people at church.

Multi-generation Faithfulness vs. Second Generation Fallout

  • Statistics show a father’s importance in the lives of his children

A Father Son Story

  • 2 Kings 21:1-9
  • The father: Hezekiah
  • The son: Manasseh

What Happened?

  • Manasseh had a will of his own
  • Manasseh was weak-willed and overly influenced by ungodly and wicked associations
  • Manasseh was neglected by a pre-occupied and busy father

Four Suggestions

  • Teach personal responsibility
  • Emphasize this erosion principle
  • Take time
  • Make God, His Word and church a priority