Are You Free Indeed?

Scripture Verse

John 8:31-36


Obedience to God is the path to maximum freedom.

What do we learn from Genesis 2:16-17?

  • It tells us a log about God
  • Freedom within the Garden meant the ability and authority to do anything they wanted within the parameters God established
  • Sin, not God, robbed people of freedom

Humans appear to prefer bondage

  • Genesis
    • Describes the downward degradation of sin and ends with a coffin in Egypt
    • Romans 5:12
  • Exodus
    • Describes how God brings the Jewish nation out of bondage and into freedom
    • Numbers 11:5
  • Old Testament – New Testament

John 8:31-36

  • Real freedom is freedom from the bondage of sin

Paul concerning freedom

  • All of us were born in bondage to sin
    • Romans 3:10-20
  • Christ came to set us free
    • Romans 3:22b, 23-24
  • Many Christians still live as if they were enslaved
    • Romans 6:1-15


  • Know
  • Reckon
  • Yield
  • Romans 6:14