God’s Not Going To Fail You Now

Scripture Verse

Psalm 139:13:24


God is the author and designer of every detail of your life, from before you were conceived and continuing through your last breath. 


  • God’s omniscience – all knowing
  • God’s omnipresence – ever present
  • God’s omnipotence – all powerful
  • Psalm 33:6, 9

Psalm 139:13-18

  • Possessed – formed, created
  • Thou – emphatic, God and no other
  • Reins – kidneys (inward parts)
  • Covered – Wove together, shape, entwine, defend, hedge in
  • Curiously – embroider, needlework
  • Fashioned – like a potter with clay

Psalm 139:19-24

  • God is aware, He is there, and He cares, He has the power to work on our behalf
  • Our response
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