Honor Where Honor Is Due – Hannah

Scripture Verses

1 Samuel 1:1 – 2:11


Our despair, our distress could be a prelude to the mighty hand of God coming into our life.

The Characters

  • Elkanah – “God has obtained”
    • A man of some social standing
    • A man of moderate wealth
    • A religious man
  • Hannah – “favored, gracious”
  • Peninnah – “pearl or ruby”

The Vow

  • Numbers 30:3-16
  • I will give him back
  • No razor will come upon his head


  • Only woman in OT shown going to the Lord’s house
  • Only woman in OT making a vow to the Lord
  • Only woman in OT specifically said to pray (longest)
  • Her prayer records the most recorded utterances of God’s name
  • She is the first to refer to God as “the LORD of hosts”
  • She didn’t blame God. She pursued God
  • She kept her vow
  • Her faith changed the course of history
  • Her loss was Israel’s gain

Lessons on Giving

  • Elkanah (Numbers 30:10-15)
  • Hannah
  • All Parents

Hannah’s Prayer of Thanksgiving