Biblical Mentoring


A mentor is someone with whom you can talk to seek advice, wisdom, and insight based on their experience and expertise. 


  • Mentor: advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague)

Mentoring mentioned in Scripture

  • Proverbs 27:17
  • Psalm 145:4
  • 2 Timothy 2:2
  • Proverbs 1:5
  • Titus 2:3, 4
  • Psalm 71:18

Examples of mentoring in the Bible

  • Moses mentored Joshua
  • Eli mentored Samuel
  • Naomi mentored Ruth
  • Paul mentored Timothy
  • Elizabeth mentored Mary (Mary lived 3 months with her)
  • Jesus mentored the twelve disciples (group and individual mentoring)

Younger Christians’ struggles

  • Isolated and lonely
  • Casually relational with Jesus and others
  • Have misplaced priorities and struggle with taking time to consider how to make them right
  • Work hard and usually more than is needed
  • Stressed out and hate it, but they don’t think they can do anything about it
  • Feel like they are running on empty

Basic struggles of young Christians

  • Guilt and shame
  • Believing that God loves them
  • Making commitments
  • Keeping commitments
  • Confused about
    • Role in the church
    • What it is to be a man or woman of God, and how they might become one

Why do you need a spiritual mentor?

  • Promotes spiritual growth
  • Someone to believe in you
  • Provides a role model
  • Provides accountability
  • Gives Encouragement
  • Help in time of crisis

Responsibilities of a potential mentor

  • Willing to spend the time it takes to build a relationship with the person you are to mentor
  • Willing to be vulnerable and transparent
  • Willing to share not only strengths and successes, but also weaknesses, failures and brokenness
  • Willing to be open and honest with your mentee concerning his or her life and problems
  • Commit to helping the mentee set goals for his or her spiritual life, career, or ministry, and to help the learner dream his or her dream
  • Above all, commit to faithfully helping the one being mentored to follow principles set down in the Word of Gos