Can Sovereignty Be Manipulated?

Scripture Verses

1 Samuel 4:1-22


God’s power is only shown when we humble ourselves and we seek His face and we follow His will.

The Initial Battle with the Philistines

  • 22 miles west of Shiloh
  • 4,000 Israelites lose their lives

The Second Battle with the Philistines

  • Why has God smitten us?
  • Ark of the Covenant
    • God’s presence, right to rule, willingness to forgive
  • God’s rules for war
    • He fights for us, He leads us, we prepare our hearts
  • 30,000 Israelites lose their lives

The Report of the Battle with the Philistines

  • What happened to Shiloh?
  • Never mentioned again as a worship center
  • The ark never returns to Shiloh
  • Samuel moves his activities to Ramah
  • Psalm 78:60; Jeremiah 7:12-14; 26:6, 9

The Results of the Battle with the Philistines

  • Ichabod – no glory, where is the glory
  • Just because God’s glory departs from an individual or a nation doesn’t mean He is gone
  • Judgment must begin at home


  1. God does not exist for us, we exist for Him
  2. Are we basing our prayers on God’s promises, or trying to force God’s hand
  3. Sometimes judgment contains an element of grace
  4. God’s presence is not found in a box, He does want to reside in your heart
  5. God’s power cannot be manipulated. God wants to work through us. He is not dependent on us.
  6. God’s promises are for the faithful. God is holy and we cannot come into His presence with sinful hearts or arrogant attitudes. We should confess our sins and seek Him with all of our heart.
  7. Honor God and give Him the glory