Help for Those Who Can’t Help Themselves!

Scripture Verses

Romans 8:26-27


The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to help us, to assist us and to love us back to where we need to be. 

Strong’s Concordance

  • “infirmities” – feebleness (of body or mind); by implication malady; moral frailty – disease, infirmity, sickness, weakness
  • Matthew 8:17
  • David Seamands
    • “Somewhere between our sins, on the one hand, and our sickness, on the other, lies an area the Scripture calls “infirmities”

Infirmities – Damaged Emotions

  • Sense of unworthiness
  • Perfectionist complex
  • Super sensitivity
  • Fears
  • Damaged sensuality and indecency
  • Romans 8:26

What’s our Part?

  • Face the problems squarely
  • Accept responsibility
  • Ask yourself if you want to be healed
  • Forgive everyone involved
  • Forgive yourself
  • Ask for the Holy Spirit’s help


  • Matthew 18:23-35
  • Matthew 6:12
  • Oughts and debts
  • Tormentors – guilt, resentment, strife, anxiety

Causes of inner torment

  • Failure to receive forgiveness
  • Failure to give forgiveness

Three tests

  • The resentment test
  • The responsibility test
  • The reminder and reaction test

How to Deal with Your Debts

  • The cross
  • Genesis 50:19-20
  • Romans 13:8
  • Matthew 10:8