Pray for Us

Scripture Verses

2 Thessalonians 3:1


God answers prayers. Christians should not take that for granted.

Paul’s Requests

  • The Word of God would spread rapidly
  • The Word of God would be glorified
  • The Word of God would reach the world

Recap of Requests

  • God’s Word would be circulated quickly, geographically, and individually
  • God’s Word would receive the proper respect and honor that it deserves
  • God’s World would reach the lost

There’s no substitute for the Word of God

  • The myriad of literature that bombards the Christian today, although pure in motive and sincere in desire, will never achieve the status of divinely inspired and inerrant!

Application and Challenge

  • What importance do you give to God’s Word?
  • Does the Word dominate your thoughts and actions?
  • Do you desire to have the Word spread rapidly to others and to work in your own life in a powerful way?