Discipleship: Watch Out How You Live

Scripture Verses

                                                                                                   Luke 17:1-10


Are you living by example as a child of God? 

Take Heed

  • Luke 12:1
  • Acts 20:28-29

Am I causing others to sin?

  • Luke 17:2 
  • There will always be temptations in this world.
  • How might you lead someone to sin?
    • Hypocrisy, Immorality
  • Are you a Godly influence?

Am I learning to forgive?

  • Luke 17:3-4
  • A follower of Christ should have a compassionate heart.
  • Ephesians 4:32

Am I living by faith?

  • Luke 17:5-6
  • Ask the Lord to increase your faith.
  • How can you increase your faith? By purposely taking time to pray!

Am I doing my duty?

  • Luke 17:9-10
  • We should be serving the Lord in humility, rather than a spirit of entitlement. 

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