Book of James Part 4

Scripture Verses

                                                                                              James 2:14-26


Description of Dynamic Faith 

    • Based on the Word of God 
      • We receive our spiritual rebirth through God’s Word (James 1:8; 1:21; Romans 10:17)
    • Only as good as its object
    • Involves the whole man
      • Dead faith – touches only the intellect
      • Demonic faith – involves both mind and emotions


Abraham & Rahab

    • Abraham – Jew / Rahab – Gentile
    • Abraham – godly man / Rahab – harlot
    • Abraham – friend of God / Rahab – belonged to the enemies of God
    • What did they have in common?
    • They both exercised saving faith in God.

Abraham (2:20-24)

    • How was Abraham “justified by works(2:21) when he had already been “justified by faith?”
    • By faith, he was justified before God and his righteousness declared.
    • By works, he was justified before men and his righteousness demonstrated.
      • “Dynamic faith obeys God and proves itself in daily life and works.”

Rahab the Harlot

    • Rahab exercised dynamic faith:
    • Her mind knew the truth.
    • Her heart was stirred by the truth.
    • Her will acted upon the truth.
      • She proved her faith by her works.


  • James 2 emphasizes that the mature Christian practices the truth.
    • Practices  those doctrines in his everyday life
    • His faith is not dead faith of the intellectuals.
    • Not demonic faith of the fallen spirits.
      • It’s the dynamic faith of men like Abraham and women like Rahab…FAITH THAT CHANGES A LIFE AND GOES TO WORK FOR GOD!