Book of James Taming the Tongue

Scripture Verses

                                                                                             James 3:1-12


Six pictures of the tongue 

  • The Bit
  • The Rudder
  • Fire
  • A Poisonous Animal
  • A Fountain
  • A Fig Tree

Power to direct: the Bit and the Rudder

  • The Bit (v.3)
    • A small bit enables a rider to control a powerful horse.
  • The Rudder (v.4)
    • A small rudder enables the Captain to command a huge ship.

Power to destroy : the Fire and Animal (James 5-8) 

  • Fire
    • Our words can start fires.
    • The tongue can “heat things up.” (vs.5-6)
  • Animal (vs. 7-8)
    • The tongue is also like a dangerous animal.

Power to Delight: The Fountain and Tree (James 3:9-12) 

  • Fountain
  • Provides the cool water that man needs 
    • Prov.18:4; 10:11a; 13:14
    • Water is life-giving, and our words can give life.
      • Prov.18:21
      • Tree
      • Vital to survival 
      • Prov. 10:21a; John 6:63b)

Warning from James (James 3:10-12) 

  • Problem is the heart
    • James 3:13-14
    • Tongue
      • The smallest but largest trouble maker in all the world.