Bible Study

Pause for Praise

Scripture Verses 2 Samuel 22:1-20 Outline Get a personal insight into David’s heart as he praises God. 2 Samuel 22:1-20 David’s initial burst of praise – verses 1-4 Rock, fortress, high tower, refuge Deliverer, shield, horn of salvation, savior David’s reasons for needed deliverance – verses 5-7 David’s Deliverer arrives on the scene – verses …

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Famines and Giants

Scripture Verses 2 Samuel 21:1-22 Outline Understand the consequences of Saul’s sin, the high price of atonement, and the importance of keeping our promises to God. Famine Cause and Directive Blood Wrath Concern and Devotion Giants Share Tweet

Post Revolt Rumblings

Scripture Verses 2 Samuel 19:9-43 Outline Sometimes bickering and strife leads to division. This animosity will progress until eventually there is a divided kingdom after Solomon. Kingdom Strife Verse 9-14 Verse 41-43 Philippians 2:3 Kingdom Servants Shimei – verse 16-23 Mephibosheth – verse 24-30 A sign A speech Barzillai – verse 31-40 Share Tweet