Outreach Ministries

God left us with a great command and commission, “To go into all the world”. We fulfill this command in many ways both locally and globally. Our visitation programs are designed to reach out into all of our community. We are also involved in a tremendous missions program designed to reach into all the world.

Our ministries reach “inside” and “outside” the walls of the church.  We have hospital ministries, nursing home ministries, door to door visitation, cancer care and support, and care callers.  There are plenty of opportunities for service both inside and outside the church.

We believe all of our ministries are designed to glorify God and further His gospel of truth. As a people we want to know God, love Him, and become more like Him. As a church we are determined to reach as many people as possible, in as short a time as possible. We strive to meet the needs of individuals in our ministry. Those needs include meeting with God in salvation, worship, and spiritual growth. We want to establish lasting relationships with God and each other, to give encouragement, accountability, support, and edification. We want you to gain new strength for your life. Come and join a church that provides you an opportunity to minister.