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Oct 10

2018-10-07 Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Download the mp3 Charity is unselfish, expecting nothing in return.Types of Love Mentioned in the BibleAgape – unselfish, loyal, benevolent concern.Agape love is based on action. It is a command and does not depend on “feelings.” This form of love is referred to 320 times in the New Testamnt.Eros – romantic, sexual love.Phileo – tender […]

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sermon slide
Sep 30

2018-09-30 Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

Download the mp3 What’s My Role? Where Do I Fit?Your role in the homeEveryone was created equal, but not for the same purpose. Consider a football team. Every player has their job to do in order to be successful. The same is true of the home.Your role in the churchA spiritual gift is given by […]

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follow Christ
Sep 23

2018-09-23 Sunday Morning Service

HOPE , Sunday Morning Service

Download the mp3 How far will you follow Christ?Every Christian has been asked to follow these two ordinances – Baptism and Communion. Baptism commemorates our “death” with Jesus and the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, commemorates His death for us.​When we participate in either we are given the opportunity to look back at what Christ did, ahead […]

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