Essential Church Objectives – Fellowship

Download the mp3 Scripture Verses 1 John 1:3-4 Outline There are two kinds of members every church needs: comforters and encouragers. Essential Objectives Worship Instruction Fellowship Evangelization Fellowship To have in common Knowing the constant presence of God, and growing in our love and relationship with others It is not uniformity or conformity A caring …

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Prayer for Revival

Download the mp3 [easy_media_download url=”″] Revival is revelation of the Lord, consciousness of His presence. Most revivals in history happened because somebody decided that prayer was important and got on their knees asking God for revival. The greatest need in our country and in the world is a spiritual revival.  These are theme verses for …

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The Untouchables

Download the mp3 [easy_media_download url=”″] Commit to being an intentional witness. What are Untouchables? Jesus healed the leper by touch Leprosy is symbolic of sin The Importance of One – Christ is concerned about that one leper, that one sinner Who are the untouchables in your life? How to become an intentional witness Go and …

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2018-10-07 Sunday Morning Service

Download the mp3 [easy_media_download url=”″] Charity is unselfish, expecting nothing in return. Types of Love Mentioned in the Bible Agape – unselfish, loyal, benevolent concern. Agape love is based on action. It is a command and does not depend on “feelings.” This form of love is referred to 320 times in the New Testamnt. Eros …

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