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Jun 18

Marvel Hero Super Faith

Sunday Evening Service

Download the mp3 Do you think you can do something for God so amazing that God would look down from heaven and marvel at what you accomplished?Who is marvelous?In the Old Testament, God is referred to as marvelousPeople marveled at Jesus in the New TestamentWhat caused Christ to marvel?Lack of faithMark 6:4-6Lack of faith limits […]

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Jun 01

Be Careful Who You Follow

Wed Evening Service

Download the mp3 Be careful who you follow, they might lead you into a ditch!Be Careful Who You FollowFalse teaching has eternal implicationsHow do we recognize false teachers?Don’t follow the confusedDon’t follow the criticalDon’t follow the corruptConfessionalThere are consequences from the decision of who to followThe triumph of correct faithThe tragedy of counterfeit faithThe difference […]

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May 17

When Jesus Changes Everything


Download the mp3 When the pouring out of God’s Spirit occurs in a church, that’s when the supernatural begins to happen.Jesus TransfiguredMark 9:2-9Jesus’ divinity overwhelmed His humanity in the transfigurationThe Disciples in the ValleyMark 9:14-29Those who didn’t go up to the mount of transfigurationThe presence of Christ wasn’t strong within themWe are not supposed to […]

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