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Jun 26

Where’s My Fruit?

Sunday Evening Service

Download the mp3 Bearing good fruit is God’s purpose for our lives.What is fruit?Your attitudeYour actionsYour accountHow to bear fruit?Abide in Christ through communion in the WordAbide in Christ through dependence on the SpiritWhy bear fruit?Your purposeGlorifies GodWhat hinders fruit?Not abiding in ChristSinWeeds that choke the fruitWhat if you don’t see much fruit in your […]

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Apr 14

The Value of One

Sunday Morning Service

Download the mp3 In the eyes of God, everyone is significant.Andrew saw the value of individual peopleThe Apostle Andrew is called a Bring or IntroducerThe first thing Andrew did after meeting Jesus, is to find his brother Simon Peter and bring him to JesusAndrew saw the value of insignificant giftsIt is not the greatness of […]

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