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Jun 25

Your Attitude Towards the Beatitudes – Lesson 3

Wed Evening Service

Download the mp3 Grace is getting what we don’t deserve.Mercy is not getting what we do deserve.IntroductionWe need to be merciful because God showed mercy to usGod commands us to be mercifulWe’re going to need mercy in the futureShowing mercy brings happinessHow can we practice being “merciful”?Be patient with people’s quirksHelp anyone hurting around usGive […]

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Jun 01

Have I Forgiven?

Sunday Evening Service

Download the mp3 If you can sincerely pray “Father, set them free” for those who have hurt you, then you’ve truly forgiven them.What Total Forgiveness Is NotApproval of what they didExcusing what they didJustifying what they didPardoning what they didReconciliationDenying what they didBlindness to what happenedForgettingRefusing to take wrong seriouslyPretending we are not hurtWhat Total […]

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