Who We Are


Lifting up Christ in our church, our community, and through the great commission.


To glorify God through worship, instruction, fellowship, and evangelization.


From the moment you join the family of OPBT you begin a spiritual journey toward Christ-like maturity.  Our desire is that every member grow to fulfill the purpose God has for their life within the church.

Measured for Membership

Become part of the church family through Believer's Baptism, transfer of letter, or statement of faith.

Moving Towards Maturity

Basic and advanced discipleship. Know why we believe what we believe.

Mobilized for Ministry

Discover your place of service within the body of Christ. Train to become part of the team.

Motivated for Missions

A personal involvement in fulfilling the Great Commission at home and abroad.

Schedule of Services
Sunday Bible Study - 9:45 am
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:45 am
Sunday Family Worship - 6:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Classes - 7:00 pm

A Whole New World
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Breaking Down the Strong Holds
Download the mp3 . H Scripture Verses 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 ‚Äč